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Here for Africa

As the most successful card brand out of Africa, Verve remains the key to value exchange in Africa, consistently inspiring Africans to live the good life by simplifying payments, ensuring security and providing the connections Africa needs to prosper.

Widely Accepted

Verve cards are issued in multiple African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda; and accepted in 180+ countries within and beyond Africa.

Extensively Connected

With seamless connections to the banks, platforms, and institutions that power Africa, Verve empowers Africans to access value easily anywhere, anytime.

Consistently Rewarding

From affordable issuance and acceptance rates to deals and offers for Verve card users, it's always rewarding to choose Verve.

There's a Verve Card for You

Enjoy easy and safe online shopping on local and international stores at competitive rates. Accepted globally wherever the Discover, Diners Club International and Verve logos are displayed

Free transfers

Free Transfers with Verve eCash™

Verve eCash (phone number + virtual account) is a virtual card and wallet which provides a simple and cost-effective alternative to a bank's debit card. It's a convenient way to make and receive payments on mobile, Web, ATM and POS terminals, without compromising security or safety. Users get an eCash virtual card by default when they register on Quickteller or the Verve Life app, the card is stored securely as one of the payment cards in the eWallet.

Cardless withdrawals
Free transfers

Cardless Withdrawals with Verve Paycode

Enjoy the freedom of accessing cash when you need it, even when your ATM card is nowhere near. Verve Paycode enables you to make cardless withdrawals and payments without stress, or risk. Verve Paycode is a 10 to 14 digit code generated via the *723# USSD code, from the Verve World App, Verve Life App and other Issuing channels that allow users to perform cardless transactions. Transactions include withdrawals at the ATM and purchases on the POS.

Cardless withdrawals
Free transfers

One Smart Wallet for all Your Cards

Take all your cards with you and manage all your accounts from one smart virtual wallet one place. The Verve eCash wallet is compatible with all card types issued in Nigeria. From Verve to VISA, Mastercard and your virtual eCash card.

Enjoy the ease of unlimited access

  • Make payments with your cards without taking them everywhere.
  • Access any account of your choice without multiple bank apps.
  • Enjoy guaranteed security of your card details and balances.

Enjoy instant transactions with Verve 1-Touch

  • Recharge on the go with just 1-Touch.
  • Transfer money on the go with just 1-Touch
  • Pay bills on the go with just 1-Touch

Let's Grow Africa Together

We are on a mission to connect Africa with seamless and rewarding payments via world-class cards and tokens.

We believe Africans are best positioned to solve Africa's challenges. We are therefore committed to creating opportunities and an enabling environment for qualified Africans to proffer practical solutions for Africa.

If you are passionate about Africa's future, come work with the key to African exchange. Join us to rewrite Africa's story.

Online or Offline? Pay with Verve

In addition to the massive acceptance Verve enjoys at ATM and POS locations across
Africa, Verve also powers digital payments with increasing acceptance on your preferred
platforms, including Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Showmax, Uber, Konga, Facebook and Instagram.

It's always a delight to talk to you.

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