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Do you want to accept Verve Cards?

Do you want to accept Verve cards – let us connect you with an Acquirer ?

What do I need?

  • Corporate Account
  • CAC Certificate
  • TAX Certificate
  • Fill merchant forms

A​re you a Bank willing to issue Verve Cards?

Are you a Bank willing to issue Verve cards?

You must be licensed by the Central Banks of your country and integrated to a switching platform. Check country of acceptance and switches.

We will also be there to; 

  • Help you protect your cardholders against fraud from every possible scenario. Guard against Fraud from every scenario.

    Using our fraud monitoring platform – Scorebridge, which provides “real – time rules engine” – the engine which provides you with set of pre – determined rules ( from our experienced fraud team). You can also define your own rules as you deem necessary.

    In addition, our approach to Artificial Intelligence ensures you are able to proactively predict future fraud patterns and trends and guard against them.

  • Protect your cardholders against fraud

    We also provide 2 – factor authentication platform to help guard cardholders across channels, especially for card – not present transactions e.g. WEB.

    Contact our fraud specialists here for more information.

  • Innovative solutions to help you succeed in the dynamic payment industry.
  • Grow a profitable card base

Contact our analyst here for more information


Simplify your operation!

Let us help you reduce costs, block revenue leakages while upgrading the social welfare and living standards of your citizens.

Our government/public sector solution provides increased visibility across all government revenues and spend. Helps reduce waste, increase efficiency around tax collections, salary or contractor payments and other levies. This simplifies;

  • Revenue collections from individuals or businesses

  • Salary payment and other welfare benefit disbursement

  • Tax administration and management


Your link to everything you would need as a Verve Member

Discover comprehensive information about Verve payment solutions. Get easy access to powerful interactive tools to help you manage your business.

Find out ways to improve your business with effective and efficient tools. Learn about risk and fraud management ​Get Started Now


Smart Solutions for Smart Institutions!

This helps create a complete ecosystem for institutions, simplifying the payment process across the value chain.

It works in simple steps such as;

  • Student enrollment for access cards and payment cards which can also be a combo card. The card can be used as payment token to be used to pay for items such as school fees and other fees. Parents and guardians are also able to pay allowances directly into the card. Integrate the Identification system with a Smartcard based system to provide visibility and accountability of all activities within the organization
  • Create a standard interface for information and data exchange with third-party entities and organizations’ seeking to do business.