Verve Card- The Most Widely Issued and Used Card in Nigeria.

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As Nigeria’s First successful domestic payment card, Verve Card has proven to be more than just a payment option, it has become a staple in every Nigerian household and is being infused into their daily transactional lifestyle.

Over twelve years ago, Verve presented a cost-effective and readily available homegrown domestic card scheme to Nigerians, and this accelerated the card scheme figures while aiding seamless transactions, and it has and helped to bridge the financial inclusion gap. As at today, it is safe to say that Verve Card has achieved a remarkable penetration of the majority of Nigerian wallets with over 44 million Verve Cards issued and being used and counting. The card comes in multiple expressions such Verve Credit Card, Verve Debit Card, Verve Virtual Card, and Verve Prepaid card to suit the payment yearnings and aspirations of all Nigerians and Africans at large.

According to a recent report by Statista, Verve is the most used card in Nigeria accounting for 65 and 38 percent of the cards used for e-Commerce and POS transactions in Nigeria during the period under review.

Currently, Verve Card is issued across several African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Gambia, DRC, etc. It works across all payment platforms like; ATM, POS, Web, Mobile, Agency banking, Paycode, etc.

Verve is not resting on its oars. It has continued to expand its frontiers beyond Africa by activating the acceptance of Verve Classic Cards across global and international eCommerce merchants like Flywire, Facebook, Netflix, Showmax, Spotify, Uber, Microsoft, Emirates, and Amazon Prime. And it is not stopping there as conversations are currently underway to activate Verve payments on other global eCommerce platforms, including Apple Pay /Apple Media, Google, and Amazon Retail. The list continues to grow.

As the first successful domestic payment card in Nigeria, Verve card is also the first payment card that doubles as a residency identity card for some states in Nigeria.

Lagos State, Edo state, and many others have introduced smart residency ID cards to their residents. These ID cards are powered by Verve, and they do not only serve as a means of identification but also an easy way for residents to make cashless payment transactions, and the capability to pay for transportation, health facilities, and more. This initiative is greatly applaudable and a smart way to build a cashless society and with Verve there is always more.

The brand has grown to become a beloved brand with over 250 members like banks and other financial institutions, and more onboard actively enjoying their services.

It is safe to say that Verve is here to stay and move up the payment scheme ladder because Verve has grown to become a Regional card that is Domestic.