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Accepted Across Africa and Beyond

Over 60 Million Verve Cards Activated

Connecting Africa with Rewarding Value Exchange

Verve is Africa's most successful card brand with payment tokens and card options that power commerce across Africa, empowering Africans to live the good life, both at home and beyond.

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Shop, pay bills and travel with ease. You've got Verve.

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Delight your customers with rewarding payments.

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Financial Institutions

Issue and accept Africa's favourite card brand.

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Enable transparency and accountability with Verve.

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Our Pan African Story

Leveraging a firm understanding of the African terrain, Verve emerged to take up the challenge of introducing global possibilities and ensuring all segments of the African market are included and sufficiently connected to international commerce, enabled by affordable card options and digital payments.

We introduced a more affordable payment card scheme option, secured with chip+PIN technology and compatible with the customer's reality. Over a decade later, with a wide issuance and acceptance footprint within and beyond the continent, Verve is still leading the way with payment solutions built for the world by Africans.

Over 60 Million

Verve Cards Activated

Here for Africa

By ensuring that Africans can access and exchange value within and beyond the continent, we lay the rails for Africa to emerge, prosper and thrive. From Kano to Kigali, Abidjan to Abuja, Lagos to Lome; Verve connects Africans to the good life via payment cards and tokens built by Africans, for Africans.

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Here for Commerce

Businesses drive economies, and Verve drives businesses with versatile physical and digital payment options designed to aid growth. From customized danglers and signage to seamless POS, digital, and card payments, Verve enhances your visibility and profitability.

Here for The Good Life

Whatever the good life means to you, Verve enables you to reach for it. By guaranteeing easy access to your money wherever you are, Verve makes it easy for you to make the choices that drive your aspirations and power the life of your dreams.

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Here for Rewards

We believe payments should be rewarding, so we ensure everyone on the Verve network enjoys rewards. From affordable acquiring fees to unbeatable acceptance offers and promotions for the end users, it's always rewarding to choose Verve.

Verve Access

Verve Access is our exclusive portal for Verve partners. Verve Access members are always first to know about new developments within the scheme, they enjoy easy monitoring of their transactions and unhindered access to Scheme benefits.

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Verve Academy

Because we understand that growth never stops, we are investing in grooming and equipping the next generation of Africans to innovate for Africa. Verve academy is committed to raising a crop of worldclass payment professionals focused on Africa.

Live Your Best Life with VerveLife

Verve is on a mission to promote fitness and healthy living by organizing pop-up fitness parties in collaboration with fitness instructors and gyms nationwide.

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